Czech Republic

By:Claire Sullivan

Czech Republic info

My county is Czech Republic. It joined the European Union on May 1,2004. It wasn't a founder of the EU. Czech Republic used to be part of Slovakia. My country is located in Central Europe between Germany,Poland,Slovakia,and Austria. It has geographical features too like water and mountains. The flag has colors blue,red,and white. It is identical to the flag of Czechslovakia. The capital for Czech Republic is called Prague and 4 major cities relations Include Brno,Ostrava,ceské,and dêčin. Some nice place for tourists include charle's bridge because it's pedestrian friendly and you can see many sites from there. Some physical features are a big bridge,many buildings,a church,and a castle. The government they have if the parliamentary democracy. The current currency they have is heller coins. Fun facts: did you know that Czech Republic made contact lenses. Also did you know that Czech Republic is almost entirely surrounded by mountains. Another fun fact is that the Czech Republic invented the sugar cube in 1843