Why ePortfolios?

Your instructor just assigned an ePortfolio. Now what?

What is an ePortfolio?

It's like building your own website with a professional audience.

It teaches you how to present yourself online in a professional way, and it keeps track of what you've learned and why you've learned it.

ePortfolios are a concrete way to show future employers exactly what you know and can do. The real projects and work you put in your ePortfolio tell employers a lot more than resumes and transcripts can.

At the end of your classes, most of your work gets thrown away or buried in a folder on your computer.
But with an ePortfolio, you can creatively showcase your best work to tell your story. You can also show your growth by comparing two work samples from the beginning and end of a course, and you can make connections between classes, across semesters, and in your personal life.

It's a place to reflect on your learning experience and to explain why that experience matters.

Making connections

Have you ever taken a class and wondered "Why am I taking this? This class has nothing to do with my career or educational goals, and I am never going to need this!"

The skills you learn and practice in your classes are all connected to each other. For example, your English class and your biology class may not seem like they have anything to do with each other, but the skills you learn in English class, like researching and critical thinking skills, also get used in your biology class.

ePortfolios help you find and show those connections to others.

ePortfolios are so much more than an assignment or class project.

They are built with of all the best parts of you and your work, to be shared with others, and they can help you get a job, demonstrate your strengths, and figure out where to go next on your educational journey.

For more ePortfolio resources and support, visit San Francisco State’s ePortfolio page at eportfolio.sfsu.edu.

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