October 29th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!

LVES Mission and Vision

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Knowing our New Crew - Mrs. Jessica Gibbs

Hey Pony Family! I’m so excited to have joined Lewisville Elementary this year! I was born here in Texas but spent most of my childhood growing up in Colorado. I knew as soon as I graduated I would make my way back to Texas for college. I attended Texas Woman’s University where I started as a chemistry/pre-pharmacy major. I was working in a daycare center and quickly realized that I wanted to work in education. I spent the last 6 years teaching in Dallas ISD. I taught 4 years in kindergarten, 1 year 1st grade self contained, and 1 year ELAR for 1st and 2nd grade. Guided reading is my passion. I met my husband while we were both in undergrad. Shortly into the relationship he decided that he wanted to be a dentist. He graduated in May and is officially Dr. Gibbs. We are the proud parents of Eclipse: our torti cat, Jax: our great dane, and Toothless: our bearded dragon/my class pet. I started running about two years ago and have completed 5 half marathons (4 at Disney). I also love to travel and spent my summer in South Africa. I’m looking forward to a great school year and am very proud to be part of the Pony Family.

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Red Ribbon Week

  • Monday 10/29: Follow your Dreams, Be Drug Free! Wear pajamas!
  • Tuesday 10/30: Give Drugs the Boot! Wear any type of boots to stomp out drugs!
  • Wednesday 10/31: My Character Counts, I’m Drug Free! Dress up as a book character for our special reading adventures!

We will also have drawings, trivia, and contests throughout the week. Be sure to wear your ribbon every day!

Click here for more information.

5th Grade Math and Reading CBA Data Analysis

  • 5th Grade CBA Data Analysis - Thursday, Nov. 1st from 3:15 to 4:20. (Your tutoring groups will be covered.)

Kindergarten- Istation Data Check-Ins Make up Date

Thank you K to 2nd Grade teachers for having your data ready and your guided reading binders ready. You are doing an amazing job.

For the Kinder teachers that I did not get to see, and Ms. Huerta, here is the revised schedule.

Please click here to see the schedule.

You will need to bring:
  • Your guided reading binder/notebook or any other tool that you use to organize your guided reading information
  • Guided Reading groups
  • Classroom distribution report graph

K to 2nd I Station Check ins Calendar

Please click here to see the rest of the dates for I Station Check ins dates for the year.

  1. Assessments and interventions will be data driven to ensure a culture of universal achievement.
  1. WE will use our data to reflect and improve our practices to meet the needs of our students resulting in an increase on the student success status on the STAAR test for the number of students approaching, meeting and mastering standards.

Parent Resource Night Tuesday October 30th

Parents will have the opportunity to sign up for Christmas assistance, Thanksgiving assistance and the Love for Kids field trip on 12/8.

Read - a -Thon, October 31st Agenda

On October 31st, students (and your team) are encouraged to "Dress as Book Characters!" This is a fun way to express some of our Halloween energy in an academic way. There will also be volunteers visiting campus and reading to students in your classrooms.

Mrs. Burleson will send you an individual email with your readers for Read-a-Thon on Tuesday afternoon (they will be arriving to your classroom at the times your requested). We still have morning slots to fill, so Mrs. Burleson is busy calling some lists of people to fill those slots. If you know friends that would jump in and read, let her know because they can join the crew.

The volunteers will go through the office and wear a special Read-a-Thon badge & then given a map to your room.


We will create a positive environment for learners by connecting their learning with meaningful experiences through the NEU philosophy.


Monthly, we will recognize our teachers and staff (teachers, instructional support, specialists, counselors, CIS and ACE, office, cafeteria, learning facilitators, custodian, etc). The teacher and staff member receiving the most nominations will be recognized as the Teacher/Staff Member of the Month.

They will be allowed to park in the teacher and staff of the month parking spots, have their pictures posted in the lounge, and receive certificates and treats from the administration team.

Please click here to submit your nomination.

Please submit your nomination no later than 3:45 p.m. this Friday, November 2nd.

CIP CONNECTION: GOAL 2 PO: 2: We will promote and nurture collaborative relationships essential for a successful school by developing committees and staff recognition incentives.


Each month we will be recognizing the student of the month. Please select one student from your own classroom that is the leader representing the character trait of this second 9 weeks.

We will recognize them during the NEU Rally, and they will receive a certificate and breakfast with Mrs. Valdes on Wednesday, Nov. 7th in the library. At 7:45, I will make an announcement on the intercom and ask them to come to the library.

Please click here to submit your nomination.

Please submit your nomination by 3:45 p.m. this Friday, November 2nd.

CIP CONNECTION Goal 2: PO: 5: We will create a positive environment for learners by connecting their learning with meaningful experiences through the NEU philosophy.

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During our last fire drill, we were able to exit the building in 2 minutes and 38 seconds! This is great considering the number of students and staff members at LVES.

During all fire drills, please remember to:

  • Turn your lights off.
  • Close your door.
  • Take your walkie-talkie (if you are assigned one).
  • Count the heads of your students, and if they are not with you during the drill, please tell us their location (if they are present at the time of the drill).

Lastly, remember to discuss and practice alternative routes, in the event that your normal exit is not accessible. Thank you for all that you do to ensure that our students and our teachers are safe!

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The biggest loser contest is indeed in effect! Recognitions and shout-outs go to the top 4 contestants for October. The numbers represent the percentage of weight (NOT POUNDS), that these contestants have lost.

#1 Mr. Colon: 3.43%

# 2 Mrs. Sayers: 2.89%

# 3 Mrs. Boston: 2.89%

#4 Mr. Frosch: 2.74%

As you see Mrs. Sayers and Mrs. Boston were in a tie, so I had to look at the pounds to make the placement. Mrs. Sayers lost 4 ounces more than Mrs. Boston. Yes, every little bit counts.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR TOP FOUR! Continued success to all 28 contestants. Let's keep being BIG LOSERS!

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

Our Pony Week

Monday October 29th
  • Follow your Dreams, Be Drug Free! Wear pajamas!
  • 3-5 ELA Facilitator on campus

Tuesday October 30th

  • Give Drugs the Boot! Wear any type of boots to stomp out drugs!
  • No TEKS & ELPS Collaboration (PLC sessions) this week
  • Tutoring
  • Parent Resource Night
Wednesday October 31st
  • My Character Counts, I’m Drug Free! Dress up as a book character for our special reading adventures!

Thursday November 1st

  • 5th Grade CBA Data analysis
  • I station Check ins make ups
  • Tutoring
  • Grade Posting window opens
  • Garrett Frosch Birthday
Friday November 2nd
  • Staff Luncheon - 1st & Inst. Specialists Host
  • 5th Grade Lock In
  • 2nd 9 weeks Progress Report 1 End day

Important Information

  • November 5th: Grade posting window closes/ NEU Rally / PTA Spring Creek BBQ Fundraiser
  • November 6th: Election Day
  • November 7th: GT Campus Selection Mtg.
  • November 7th and 8th: 3rd Grade - Elm Fork
  • November 8th 5th Science CBA - 12 wk Benchmark
  • November 9th: Field Day
  • November 12th Veterans Day
  • November 14th K to 2nd I station Check ins / Staff Learning (1st Grade provides snacks)
  • November 14th 3rd-4th Science CBA - 12 wk. Benchmark
  • November 15th 5th Grade PTA Performance
  • November 19th to the 23rd Thanksgiving Break
  • November 27th Parent Resource Night
  • November 28th GT Article Study
  • November 30th Movie Night
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Click here to submit a Shout-Out.

  • Mr. Anderson - thank you for having 5th wipe down the lunch tables for 4th.
  • Mr. Thomas for an outstanding 2nd grade performance!!!
  • Mrs. Rowland for always taking the time to help.
  • Mrs. Hayes for letting 3rd grade use her chairs for our cupcake walk.
  • Mrs. Simpson for the donuts! Third grade certainly enjoyed them!
  • Mrs. Vando for all of the hard work she does for PTA.
  • Mrs. Rowland for all of her help during I Stations check ins.
  • Kinder, 1str and 2nd grade teachers for being ready with all of their data and guided reading binders during I station check ins.
  • Mrs. Britney (ACE) for caring so much for our Ponies.
  • Ms. Green, Ms. Norton and Mrs. Echevarria for always taking care of our Ponies.
  • Coach W for being always available.
  • Mrs. Cichy, Mrs. Bodiford, Mrs. Carlson, Ms. Hackworth, Ms. Troyer, Ms. McNamara, Mrs. Villegas, Ms. Davis, Mr. Frosch, and Ms. Snell for taking time to participate in behavior conversations on Thursday afternoon.
  • Thank you to everyone that came to the Membership/Trunk or Treat
  • Shout-out to Mrs. Rowland, Ms. Becker, Mrs. Oden, Mrs. Rutherford, for assisting with calls.

  • Thank you Mr. Colon for always being an additional support.

  • Thank you to the person who brought me some SWEET tea! You know who you are!

  • Thank you to the person who brought me a Sprite! (You know who you are!)

  • Shout out to 3 of our instructional support teachers who attend the district's RTI Tier 3

  • Behavior training (on their own time): Ms. Dickinson, Mrs. Morales, and Mrs. Ratzlaff

  • Shout out to the members of the Math Vertical team! Thanks for such an engaging time of collaboration!

  • Thank you to the 2nd & 3rd grade teachers who were prepared for your RTI & 504 meetings. Our time together is going to move the academic needle!

  • Shout out to our fabulous custodian Ms. Elva for keeping our school clean and always smiling!

  • Thank you Mrs. Valdes for allowing your admin. and teachers to go to trainings to grow professionally.

  • Thank you Mrs. McKensey for collaborating with me. I am looking forward to a final product!

  • Thank you Sunshine Committee (teachers and staff) for the acknowledgements on Boss's Day!

  • Thank you to Coach W, Mrs Oden, Mrs. Maurier and Mr. Gray for helping out in the Book Fair on Thursday evening!

  • Mrs. Boston for always being willing to help!

November Birthdays

Garrett Frosch -November 1st

Beth Hayes -November 7th

Marcine Simpson -November 10th

Deresia Scott- November 13th

Teresa Sayers- November 14th

Ernestina Wier- November 24th

Elizabeth Varona- November 27th

Do I have your Birthday?

Please make sure you completed the All About Me document. Click here

& check our birthday roster. Click here

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