Amazing Places On Earth

Welcome aliens to planet earth. Here i will show you 3 amazing places on earth! Here is the first one. Yellowstone is a place with gyzers,lakes,animals,forest,and one one of the biggest volcano's! it also has many challenges like........ bear's trying to eat you! animals that are not in cages. there are also some opurtunities here like farming,water,fish/food.Some obsticals are animals like bears deer

here is my 2nd one witch is mt kilimanjaro. mt kilimanjaro is the tallest mountin in africa and probrably the Earth. mt kilimanjaro measures 5,895 miles above sea level. It also has a few challenges like farming snow and some opurtunities, water and stuff. obsticals are eruptions,mt lions,lac of oxygen at high levels.

my final thing to check out is the gobi desert! the gobi desert is located in asia. the gobi desert streches over 500,000 square the challenges are finding water,the nasty animalS,heat in morning,cold at night. here are a few opurtunities water stored in [SOME] not all cacteses.also when your in the gobi desert your in a 6 hour difference from america.obsicals for the gobi desert are cactuses and animals.

three diferent ways we regonalized the earth are.....building houses and cities/ having borders for different areas and countries. last building landscapes and farming. i suggest you visit not just mount kilimanjar,gobi desert and yellowstone, go and visit missisipi river and the grand canon. When your travaling place to place you should swap out your bags from the last feature to the next features clothes... and watch out for the obsticals. a small packing list is to bring coats,short clothes,oxygen tanks,medicine,warm clothes.