Come to Texas!

The best place to live

Good Ole' Texas

Do you ever have to pay lots of taxes or pay a lot for a small amount of land? Well don't worry now, solve that problem by coming to Texas! Texas is a new establishment that will you give generous amounts of land for 12.5 cents an acre, unlike the United States, who gives for $1.25 an acre. These acres of large, fresh land has the perfect and nutrition packed soil that's the perfect match for agriculture. Bring down your cattle and animals to graze and feed on the long wide pastures. These lands are almost new and perfect for farmers, etc, that want to start their important job somewhere fresh and new. But Wait! There's more!! Come right now with your wife and children and stay with a long lasting freedom on the wide fields of good ole' Texas, watch the sunsets and rises while sitting on the porch and watching. Texas does not, and I repeat, does NOT have a official authority because of being such a new state. There is no real authority to collect taxes, debts, and make debts. Texas, is the perfect place for everyone, the perfect place to start and to end.

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