"Show respect even to people who don't deserve it..."

"Show respect even to people who don't deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours." Dave Willis

10 ways to get your students’ respect!!!!

1. Respect your students. Model mutual respect. Give what you’d like to get back.

2. Have a class agreement, not top-down rules. Ask what helps them learn and what hinders learning. Use that as a basis for establishing an essential agreement as to how the class will run and what behaviors will be evident.

3. Be part of the learning community. Encourage kids to take ownership of their learning. Be an inquirer too. Learn with and from your students.

4. Acknowledge their physical needs. Provide opportunities for standing up and moving around during learning.

5. Be fair and reasonable. Don't show favoritism. Expect everyone to stick to the agreement.

6. Have a sense of humor. Laugh with your students but never at them. Laugh at yourself.

7. Provide a secure learning space. Be supportive of creative thinking and new ways of doing things. Make every student feel validated.

8. Be sincere. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Show that you care... but only if you do.

9. Be human. Acknowledge when you’re in the wrong.

10. Let go. Don’t make all the decisions. Provide opportunities for choice.

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It's Not Personal

One of the biggest classroom management mistakes teachers make is that they take disrespectful behavior personally. To quote Tom Hagen speaking to Sonny Corleone in the classic movie The Godfather, “This is business, not personal.”

When you take disrespectful behavior personally, two things are likely to happen:

  1. You will desire to get even, to show your students who is boss.
  2. You will be inclined to scold, lecture, or react with sarcasm.

Both will encourage more disrespectful behavior from your students. When you react angrily or with spite, you cause your students to resent you, resulting in more of the same unwanted behavior.