The industrial revolution

By Carson Groom

The industrial revoluation

The industrial revolution is a time when inventors had many ideas and there where a lot of factory's so it was a time when London was not as clean as it is today it was really dirty and people did not care a lot about cleaning them self's and there where a lot of work houses and factory's

Child labor

The child labor laws took children from there homes and placed them in bad work conditions and the picture the picture of Addie helps us under stand how bad the work conditions where and that the children that had to work in these conditions did not want to work in the conditions that the provided

The assembly line

The assembly line helped speed up production so when Henry Ford wanted to speed up the production of the automobile he used the assembly line so that one person had to do one thing at a time so when the automobile was used more the assembly line was used more and more and it wasn't just used for automobiles it was used for things that where massed produced