USA: Internship and Trainee Visas

Internship and Graduate Visa Specialist

Why Book Your Internship/Trainee Visa With TravelBug Ltd?

We start by providing you with a FREE CV assessment to ensure that you will be eligible for the Visa.

Then, once you pay the €50 registration fee for our programme:

  • We help you to prepare a Resume (US style CV) and a cover letter for presentation to prospective employers. This is important because many resumes are filtered through electronic software before they are seen by anybody.
  • We give you access to our database of websites in which to look for internships/traineeships
  • We give your advice on how to do a SKYPE interview with a potential employer.
  • We give you advice on Visa Compliancy
  • We allow you a 3 step payment plan, we won't ask you to pay everything at once
  • We're there to support you throughout all your paperwork!
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What You Gain As An Intern/Trainee

This is a great opportunity to get 6-18 months professional training in the USA with a detailed training plan to hep you advance in your field. This is professional training in your area of qualification and/or previous experience.

You will be able to network with professionals in your field, in conjunction with a unique opportunity to enhance and progress your CV.

The company has an obligation to offer you integration into US culture as part of your placement. You will be engulfed in American culture throughout your experience.


Unlike every other Irish Visa agent, TravelBug Ltd. don't tie you into flights! Our motto is B.Y.O.F. Yup, thats Buy Your Own Flights! This saves, on average, €250 per applicant!

We offer a transparent pricing system: What you see is what you get!

This programme allows you to arrange your internship before you arrive in the USA.

Why is this important? Many visa companies are offering walk in style visas.

What's wrong with that? There are a few issues here:

Some internships in the USA are unpaid placements as US students often do internships as part of their educational development.

The State Department has strict rules that you and your sponsor need to adhere to. This involves a lot of research and paperwork. You have limited time to complete this paperwork. If you cannot find an internship within the sponsor's allotted time then this can result in your programme being terminated.

With Our Programme

You have the peace of mind of securing your internship/traineeship all organised and sanctioned before you go.

You don't have to waste your first number of weeks/months in the USA stressing out and trying to organise your internship/traineeship (while your bank balance goes in the wrong direction!)

3-Point Payment Plan

1. Pay €50 registration to cover preparation assistance

2. Pay €299 to cover assistance with Sponsor Application and Host Company Training Plan (needed for the Embassy)

3. Once the Sponsor approves your documents, you pay the balance

Internship and Trainee Options


OPTION 1 (<6 months)


This price includes:

  • Placement in a Hospitality Business
  • Up to 6 months insurance
  • Sevis Fee (usually €180)
  • DS-2019
  • Document Assistance

OPTION 2 (7-12 months)


This price includes:

  • Placement in a Hospitality Business
  • Up to 12 months insurance
  • Sevis Fee (usually €180)
  • DS-2019
  • Document Assistance

*Prices exclude:

  • Flights
  • Site Visit of €200 (payable in 50% of cases)
  • Embassy Interview Fee
  • Additional Insurance should you stay in the USA to travel for a month after your placement


We're all young Irish travellers here at TravelBug Ltd! Between us we've J1'd Stateside, Outbacked in Oz (check out Treacy posing in the pic), Taught English in Asia.. and loads more (but we won't bore you in details)! We know what can go wrong (and believe us... we've all had catastrophes!)

This is why you should pick up the phone RIGHT NOW and let us help you get started.