Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

February 8th - 12th

Important Updates

  • Force and Motion science test Friday. Morning Review 7:45 in my room.
  • I will be out of town Thursday and Friday presenting at a children's engineering conference in Roanoke. I will have a substitute both days and Mrs. Bell and our student teacher, Ms. Prater will be at school. I will have access to email.
  • Report cards will be going home on Monday, February 15th.
  • We were unable to have the Husky Store on Friday due to the lack of donations. If you can donate anything, please send some items.
  • Friday the students will be exchanging valentines. A letter about this was sent home last Thursday with graded papers.

What is Going on This Week in Curriculum?


Mrs. Dearmon's Math Class

  • Monday we will be working on using the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) to simplify fractions.

  • Tuesday we learn how to find the Least Common Multiple (LCM) which will later be used to find common denominators.

  • Wednesday is a quiz on models to add/subtract fractions, finding GCF, simplifying fractions, and LCM. I will post the Powerpoints we used on the Edmodo site to help review these concepts. After the quiz, the students will be practicing how to make equivalent fractions by multiplying.

  • Thursday is our nine weeks benchmark test. During math class, the students will be taking this test on the computer. We will be reviewing the concepts that will be on this test throughout the week.

  • Friday we begin the process of adding and subtracting fractions on paper by finding common denominators without models or concrete manipulatives. The students will be adding and then simplifying the fractions.

Ms. Olmeda's Math Class

  • We have our Benchmark test this Monday. It is very important that students look over their notes throughout the weekend.
  • Following the Benchmark exam, we are beginning a new unit on adding and subtracting fractions. This is a rather long unit. This week’s concentration will focus on finding the GCF (greatest common factor), finding the LCM (least common multiple), and on adding and subtracting fractions from whole numbers.
  • There will be a quiz this Thursday on the information we have been working on.

Reader's Workshop

  • Independent reading each day.
  • Small groups will finish up working on word reference materials such as a dictionary, thesaurus, and glossary. They will be learning what each resource is used for and how to use the resource to answer questions.
  • The next concept we will begin working on is cause/effect.
  • Newspaper and spectrum will be completed this week.

Writer's Workshop

  • We will be adding an ending to our fictional narratives.
  • I will be giving the students a narrative checklist to help monitor their writing.
  • Later in the week the students will be revising and editing the draft to prepare for the final copy.
  • We will also have a DLR this week.


  • Monday we will explore and discuss the concept of friction and Newton's Laws of Motion.
  • Tuesday the students will be learning about kinetic and potential energy.
  • Wednesday the class will review all the concepts of force and motion by completing an online quiz. They will be allowed to use their notes during this quiz. Homework will be a review packet for the test. This review will be due on Friday.
  • Thursday we review for the test by playing Jeopardy. Homework will be to finish the review guide.
  • Friday is the test on force and motion. There will be a morning review at 7:45.
  • Look for activities to be added on Edmodo to review for science.

Virginia Studies

  • None this week