By: Elias McCall and Blake Boatwright

You can't cheat death

When Elizebeth is killed by Frankenstein Victor tries to bring her back to life the same way he brought Frankenstein to life. He succeeds and brings her back to life but she's not the same person when she come back to life. She looks like a monster and cannot talk. She eventually kills herself the same way she died, she sets herself on fire and the rest of the building on fire. (1) This shows after she died the first time she should have stayed deceased. She was meant to die when she died. Brining her back to life was the wrong thing to do. You can't cheat death no matter what.

Also, Frankenstein hates the life his creator gave him since he was made of dead people and looks like a monster. (2) For sometime he longs just to be dead and not have his life because he doesn't like how he has cheated death.