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Smell: Rotten Eggs

Hair Color: Blackish,Reddish

Looks: Ape Like

First Seen: 1977

Last Seen: 2010

Males: They stand up to 7 ft tall and can weigh more than 350 pounds.

Female: They stand 5-6 feet tall and weigh 180-250 pounds.

Other Details: Fast and had many names most common is Skunk Ape other names are Stink Ape and Swamp Ape.


This weird cryptid known as skunk ape can range from 5-6 feet tall and weigh 180-250 pounds if a female and 7 ft tall and 350 pounds if a male they are said to have blackish reddish hair and is looks like an ape. This creature was first seen in 1977 and last seen 2010. One girl states " I have seen the cryptid, it smelt horrible and as soon as I made a noise it was gone faster than ever." They have even claimed to find foot prints and claim to of made them into plasters. Most say this cryptid lives in Florida. They smell like rotten eggs and are fast. I believe that this cryptid is now extinct or never even existed.