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From the Desk of the President

Here we are, on the brink of November. Quite different from November of last year, yet not the same as the November before that. Time has a funny way of letting us know we’re not entirely in charge, even though, as music educators, we firmly believe we ARE!

I’ve recently seen a number of news stories regarding mass resignations, strikes, retirements, re-careering or the desire to do one of those things. One of the most insightful stories was a report on a recent McKinsey study regarding what the author of the story referred to as the “Great Awakening.” This awakening was a recognition that “one of the top reasons people have resigned is they didn’t feel a sense of belonging at work.” (Mita Mallick, head of inclusion, equity, and impact at Carta)

Looking back at my own work experience, I can certainly understand and appreciate the

blessings of belonging. I have worked in a school where I was the only music teacher and find

myself now, working in a department of a dozen or so full-time music teachers and any number

of adjuncts. Regardless of the circumstance, I rely heavily on those who are also in the

education game, whether it’s music or not. Knowing their frustrations and their victories help

keep my own in perspective. Just when I think I’ve had an interaction with the most frustrating

parent or student on the planet, a colleague shares a story that would blow mine out of the

water… and then we’d laugh. And I can pick myself up and charge into the fray again.

So much of what we hear in this pandemic (oh, how I wish it were post-pandemic) world we live

in is how we must focus on social-emotional wellness. Unfortunately, that often means we

must focus on that for our students. Who is focusing on that for us? I think the answer must

be that we focus on social-emotional wellness for each other. Sometimes in helping others feel

more connected, more cared for and more supported, we can feel those things ourselves.

Prioritizing time to connect with colleagues and checking in on them will go a long way in

helping ourselves as we strive to keep it together.

We may not take a job at a school because it’s a place where we feel respected, supported and

connected, but we are certainly more likely to stay in a job where those things are true.

I believe we have work to do as an association of music educators in making our colleagues feel

respected, supported and connected. While it may seem like we don’t have enough personal

bandwidth to prioritize the time to check in on our colleagues, we may find the payoff is worth

the effort. A good laugh with an understanding colleague just might help you charge into the

fray again.

Best to you and yours,


“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with

another human being.” Albert Schweitzer

Conference Registration is now open!

The 2022 AMEA In-Service Conference will once again be held in person at the Mesa Convention Center. Dates are January 28-29, 2022. The theme is "Back to Our Future." Conference registration is now open! Just go to the AMEA website. You can also register for the conference block of hotel rooms, if you are planning on staying at the conference hotel. Hotel information can be found on the conference registration page.

Happy Fall from AzSGM!

We are so excited for Conference this year! We are planning some incredible sessions and are thrilled to host the General Music Showcase on Friday, Jan. 28th. Please consider bringing a group of students to perform! Complete and submit the Group Application for AMEA Conference by November 15th to be considered!

Also, super shout-outs go to Patricia Moore, AzSGM President-Elect, and Josh Brink, AzSGM Member-at-Large, for their help in getting some amazing presenters for Conference! Thank you, Tricia and Josh, you both ROCK!

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AMEA Hall of Fame Awards - DEADLINE DECEMBER 15

Nominations are now open for the 2022 AMEA Hall of Fame Awards. These awards will be presented at the 2022 AMEA Conference. AMEA offers the following awards, all of which are nominated by the membership:

You can read about each award, see a list of past recipients, and submit a nomination on the awards page of the AMEA website. Please help us recognize our peers for a job well done! If you have any questions, please contact Scott Burgener, AMEA Past President. All nominations must be received no later than DECEMBER 14, 2021. Here is the video of last year's awards ceremony if you'd like to familiarize yourself with the awards a little more.

Arts Updates from ADE

Youth Arts Month 2022

The Arizona Department of Education & Arizona Art Education Association are proud to host a gallery showcase in celebration of Youth Arts Month in March! This year's theme is “Art Connects Us”. Deadline for Arizona Department of Education Youth Arts Month Virtual Showcase - TBD. Please consider submitting your group's performances for this event!

More information and details coming soon

2021 Arizona Youth Arts Month Flag Winner

Lexa White, Bradshaw Mountain High School

ESSA 2022 Virtual Student Showcase Update

Every Student, Every Day, Every Opportunity

January 10-12, 2022

Calling all arts educators to highlight innovative ways performing arts & interdisciplinary classrooms are engaging every student, every day, with every opportunity at the 2022 ESSA Conference January 10-12. The Virtual Student Showcase is an exciting opportunity for students, teachers, and schools to share the amazing and incredible arts learning experiences that are occurring within Arizona classrooms. Highlight innovative ways performing arts & interdisciplinary classrooms are engaging every student, every day, with every opportunity at the 2022 Virtual ESSA Conference January 10-12. Project submissions due November 22nd by 11:59pm (DEADLINE EXTENDED). Selected participants will be notified December 1st by 5pm.

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