Helium, He

Making people's voice sound funny since 1868

Basic information:

  • Number of protons: 2
  • Number of electrons: 2
  • Number of neutrons: 2
  • Atomic mass: 4.002602
  • Electron configuration: 1s2
  • Group name: noble gas
  • Non-metal
  • Boiling point: -452.07 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Melting point: -458 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Gas at room temperature
  • colorless, tasteless, and orderless
  • No known compounds that contain helium

The finding of Helium

Helium was found in 1868 by Pierre Jamssen, and Norman Lockyer during the solar eclipse. It was a yellow light spectrum, it wasn't discovered on earth until 1895 by William Ramsay

What helium is used for:

Where is helium found?

Helium is found mostly in stars, but on earth it's found mostly in radioactive decay