Stages of Stress

Stress- Pressure or tension exerted on a material object

The three stages of stress are alarm, resistance, and fatigue.

Alarm is when your mind and your body go on high alert, when the hypothalamus receives danger signals from other parts of the brain.

Resistance is when you have exposure to a stressor and when it doesn't stop, your body adapts and reacts to the stressor

Fatigue is when exposure to stress is prolonged, your body loses its ability to adapt. You begin to tire and lose the ability to manage stressors.

Hypothalamus is a section of the brain responsible for hormone production

The hypothalamus is related to stress because the hormones that are produced by this area of the brain control body temperature, thirst, hunger, sleep, moods, and the release of other hormones.
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Riley Mozingo, Sabria McNeil, Jose Contreras