Personal Information

Personal Information is Vital Information

Hackers, Criminals of the Web

Many hackers can get into your bank accounts just by using socail websites.  Hacking is very easy if you share your personal information with anyone.  Do you like being broke ? Hackers could very easily pretend to be you with your personal information.

Everday People Are Being Hacked.

More than 600,000 accounts on facebook are hacked everday.  The main cause of this is people giving out their personal.   Prevent this from happening to you don't give out personal information on social websites, because anyone can get ahold of that information.

Guarnteered to get Major Problems

Giving Out Your Money

If you give out your personal information you are giving out your hard worked money.  Hackers easily can get your money using information you give them. Stay safe and keep your personal information safe.

True Story

An F.B.I. agent attended a dinner party, and he didn't bring any of his equitment to the party.  While there he made a bet that before the party was over that he would hack into all of their bank accounts using only their facebooks accounts to do it (he did't actually log in as them).  They alll accepted the bet thinking it was impossible.  Needless to say they were all broke at the end of the party.
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