50's Comformity, Family, & Success

Jack Mosele

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Family Scene in the 50's

Pictured here is a typicals 50's family. The photo suggests that a happy, classic, American family consists of a husband, wife, child, and in some cases the in-laws of some. The mothers job is to care for the child, feed him, comfort him, etc. The father works to provide for the family. The family eats all meals together at the table, smiles, laughs, and shares good stories about their day with one another.
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Conformity in the 50's

This photograph was taken straight from an old New Trier yearbook. This picture shows the ways that teens would dress in the 50's and the styles that were in. What shows conformity here is that everyone is standing in a perfect order smiling. They have similar hair styles and clothing styles. Many include a collar which isn't seen very often in popular clothing styles these days. This is what the majority of teens strived to look like in order to fit in at their high school.
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Success in the 50's

This picture would show what it looks like to be successful. Without physically saying it, it is obvious that this is what successful people looked like. This man is carrying a long trench coat, and is wearing a suit. The suit shows that he is important and holds an important place in wherever he works. He is also losing hair, a symbol that he is working hard to continue being successful. His wife wears expensive clothing, jewelry, and makeup. People that use and wear high-end products are seen as successful.

A Teen in the 50's

Being a teen in the 50's means constantly having to sacrifice something of your own for others. For the family, a teen may have to cut back on having free time, or stressing to finish school assignments quickly in order to take part in routine family dinners. A teen may also need to sacrifice some of their own happiness in order to fit into the mix at high school. If a clothing item is not popular, it should not be worn in the school, even if a teen really enjoys it. A teen in the 50's would do anything to fit in with the people at their school. No one wants to be bullied or feel like their alienated from the rest of the crowd because of their differences. This could be a very stressful and upsetting time for a teen to both keep up with expectations held by the family, and the expectations of a teens fellow classmates and teachers.