Mrs.Duklet's Movement Motivators

Monthly ideas and resources to get your student moving!

Movement in the classroom

I am a huge believer that movement helps a child develop and learn new skills. This blog, will help parents understand how we are incorporating movement at school and what you can do at home to help your student! I will be updating this monthly for you to see what we are doing, and provided tips and tricks to incorporate movement at home!

Why is it important?

Movement helps the brain learn! A child's movement helps the brain to connect to sensory experiences, allowing the brain to build upon these experiences and understand new ideas. The Kinetic Scale helps us to visualize the relationships between movement and development. Check it out!
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What can I do at home?

Proving movement in the classroom and at home can help a child to develop these skills and engage in their learning!

Below you will find a list of great games to play with your child to help them develop these motor skills. I will be posting new activities each month!

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Claire Duklet

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