Football insight

Shawn Benteti


  First season was in seventh grade. I played 7th grade football, and I am playing football this year. I had no idea what was going on, and thankfully, due to a year of practice, I know what a block in the back is. Even though, i still ask around, finding the answers to my questions, i found out, all i need to know is hit the guy with the ball.

Defensive end

Last year at Cedar valley. I forced three fumbles that game, two of them were from the huge wide receiver doing the reverse. He never held the ball tight enough so I took advantage of it. This year, I play defensive end again, and I still enjoy playing it. 

Last year vs. this year

This year, I am overall better at football than I was last year. Last year I averaged two tackles every other game. On the other hand, this year I average four to six tackles a game, along with all the other defenders. This schools defense is stacked. We have a hard defense to run against.

Present day thoughts about Football

Now I think football is one of my favorite sports, even though I still lack plenty of knowledge of football. I love defense, because we have a chance to make a stop, and give our offense the chance to score, more frequently. Coach always says “Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships.”