My Budget Report

Groceries, House, Car, Family, Bills. -Vincent Tra

My Apartment and Car

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Apartment & Car Prices

  • The total price/value of my house is $116,900. So, I pay $835 every month. Woot.
  • My 2015 Black Honda Civic LX is a "whopping" $259 a month for 60 months. With the power of MATH, I conclude that I pay a total price of $15,540.

Renting An Apartment And Car

Looking for a house was extremely hard, especially since I can't afford one. So, an apartment was really my only choice. Looking for an apartment was long, boring, tiresome, and just plain-out stupid, but I'd not want to be homeless. At that moment, I found the PERFECT apartment! The description read: Fifteen unique floor plans, two sparkling swimming pools, a lighted tennis court, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a daycare facility (for when I want to leave my kids to relax), lakeside views, walk-in closets, washer & dryer connection, ceiling fans, and townhome designs available! It was located in Clarkston, GA, at The Lakes At Indian Creek. It was the perfect choice!

Buying a car was actually an easy task. I looked at prices, models, and features, and BOOM! The almighty, totally not bad, 2015 Black Honda Civic LX, at just $259 a month! That's a great price for a new-ish looking car with 17k miles, being an automatic, that has a CD player, and with Power Package!

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Bills, We Hate Them

I hate paying bills. We ALL hate paying bills. For me, it's boring, a waste of time, and tedious. I pay $85 for water, $249 for electricity, $32 for natural gas, $49 for phone/internet, and $118 for cable/satellite, so I pay $533 for my apartment bills every month. I also pay $79.99 for a premium plan for phone. Bills suck.


Getting groceries, bringing them home, and unpacking them are easy. However, making grocery list WAS hard, especially since I was on a $150 budget with specific items. If I had choices in this, I would finish making this list in a couple minutes. It's a deal after another deal, so everything is just repetitive and annoying. Having this grocery list with a $150 budget sucked.