Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

August 31-September 4, 2015

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Matter Mind Map

We brainstormed as a whole class what we thought matter was, and came up with a very extensive list!

Our Class

Language Arts

We started our first literature circle books this week. The titles are: The Cay, The Sign of the Beaver, and My Side of the Mountain. We have to complete roles and reading logs with every couple of chapters. We all have a different roles in our groups and we had to figure them out on the first day with each other. The other thing that we did in Language Arts was we learned about ending punctuation. We took notes on the traits of writing and descriptive writing. We took our first vocabulary test on Friday along with our first spelling test. We had a lot of fun in Language Arts!

By Abby, Jaina, & Diane


This week in Science we learned about matter. We learned about the definition of matter and about the states of matter: gas, solids, and liquids. We also took a pretest to see what we already knew about physical science. In our interactive notebooks, we starting completing some of our physical science vocabulary packet. In our notebooks, we also showed the molecular arrangement of gases, liquids, and solids using popcorn kernels. Finally, we created wanted/missing posters for either solids, liquids, or gases.

By Matt & Ethan H.

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, we worked on memorizing the southwest region's capitals. The states and their capitals are: Austin, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We also listened to a song that helped us memorize all of the states and their capitals. We also watched a couple of episodes of the "Amazing Race" because will will be doing a group project based on the show's format. Towards the end of the week, we got into groups according to which state we chose for our state project at the end of the year. Each group researched and listed fun acivities to do in their region. We had a busy week in Social Studies!

By Nick & Rod


Art with Ms. Martucci

We did not have Art this week due to a band demonstration Monday morning. We did; however, Harv our first assembly on Friday. First, we had to wait for the other classes to arrive. After that, we did the pledge of allegiance. We watched a video on what being FIERCE meant. After that, we took a pledge to be FIERCE all the time. Then we saw Mrs. Ondrof's favorite video on being FIERCE which showed students passing on random acts of kindness. Then, when the assembly was over, we got called to go back to class.

By Rand & Katie

Music with Mrs. Kim

In music class we tried out instruments from Band for Today. The instruments we could try out were the trombone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, and the snare drum. We got to try three of these instruments and the most popular one was the saxophone. We enjoyed all the instruments and had a great time!

By Greta & Amanda

PE with Ms. Davis & Ms. Sampson

This week on Monday in PE, we did a relay race with beanbags on our heads. There were 5 teams that were participating in the relay race. We had 3 types of challenges with the beanbags on our heads. The first one was walking with the beanbag on our heads. The next challenge was skipping, then we ran with the beanbags. On Thursday, we played our PE teacher's favorite game called Powerball. You had to throw dodge balls at one of the 3 balls. They were red, blue, and yellow. Each ball was worth points. The red one was the smallest and worth 1 point, the blue 2 points, and the yellow 5 points. We were split into two teams. There was a number 1 group, and a 2 group. Team 1 won by 3 points. The final score was 5 to 2.

By Tú & Ethan F.

FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

During FIERCE with Ms. Johnson, we started the process of making a 5 shot movie clip. We got into groups of three and wrote down character traits for our FIERCE word. (Fearless, Innovative, Enthusiastic, Responsible, Compassionate, and Enlightened). We had to think of shots (pictures) to use with our word. We drew pictures of what we thought the shots should look like.

By Maya & Jessica

Spanish with Señorita Webb

On Monday, we got assigned to make our personal Spanish songs. We had to pick a song and had to translate one line of it into Spanish using Spanish vocabulary words. We also watched some video based on Spanish school supplies. At the end of Monday we were told about having a Spanish test. On the second day of Spanish we shared our songs. Suddenly, we had a test, but the songs were actually our test!

By Morgan & Tejal

Parents: Try it out!

We are starting to learn the state capitals by working through the United States region by region. This week we focused on the Southwest region. Test your knowledge of the Southwest region's capitals below. Check with your student to see if you got the answers right! Then check out the "Tour the States" song!

1. Arizona: _______________

2. New Mexico: _______________

3. Oklahoma: _______________

4. Texas: _______________

A. Austin

B. Oklahoma City

C. Phoenix

D. Santa Fe

Mrs. Reuter's Class 2015-2016

This year our weekly Friday newsletter will be written by the students as they summarize and report out on their weekly learning.