4th Grade News 9/22/14

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important information & Upcoming Events

* Book Fair continues in the library this week.

*Mid-Module Assessment in math will be on Tuesday.

Math, Science, and Social Studies with Mrs. Curtright

Math- In fluency this week we will continue working on the 3 facts. With Grandparent's Day and many students out for fair activities, I decided to postpone our 3's accuracy check until this Friday. Please make sure your child continues to study these facts at home. Our focus lessons this week will be completing our study of rounding numbers to any given place value and we will begin adding multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm and tape diagrams. On Tuesday we will complete our Mid-Module Assessment on standards we have covered so far this year: showing "ten times as much", comparing and ordering numbers, and rounding numbers to any given place value. Because this will be our first test, we will walk together through each section and discuss expectations before students begin working. Students will get their homework this week on Wednesday and it will be due on Friday. Students have a practice sheet in their math folder that is similar to the homework that they should look at to remember how to show their work and other small reminders.

New Math App.-I have found a great new app for students to use when studying individual fact families (quizzing students just on the 3's or any other number). It is called Everyday Math Facts Practice: Basic Arithmetic with Multiplication and Division. This app will help students tremendously throughout our study this year. This app does have a cost of $0.99.

Social Studies-Last week we delayed our geography study Tuesday-Friday to celebrate Constitution Day which was September 17th. We learned the 3 parts of the Constitution and their purpose. We also reviewed the history around the creation of the Constitution. This week we will continue on with our geography study with learning about latitude and longitude lines and how to locate cities using coordinates. We will also label major rivers and mountain ranges, We will end the week by reading "Mobile Days" and "Tides of Change".

Reading, Writing and Word Study with Mrs. Foster

Word Study--Blue & yellow groups have new words coming home today. They are written in agendas, cut in the zipper pouch, and Tuesday the sort will be written in the spiral notebook. All groups will test on Friday. A portion of the test will include matching vocab words and definitions from our class novel. These can be found to study in your child's word study folder in his/her binder.

Reading---We will continue reading The Trumpet of the Swan during class. Students will also be responding to the chapters, looking for evidence, and examining the big ideas of the story. We will focus on character traits specifically this week. We will also have time each day for independent reading. During our independent reading time students will be meeting with me for one-on-one fluency checks. In addition, a new fluency passage will come home today for this week's nightly reading.

Writing--With such a busy week of activities last week, we didn't get to begin our rough drafts of our personal narratives. We will draft this week in class, and we will work on crafting leads, revising for style, and zooming in on a topic. Students will also have time each day for free writing and cursive practice.