Digital Citizenship Project

Milo H., Period 3

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is a list of rules that you should follow to avoid bad things that can happen to you if you don't follow them. These rules can include things such as posting appropriate things, being nice to other people, and staying safe.

Why do we need to understand and follow rules for Digital Citizenship?

We need to follow the rules of Digital Citizenship and follow them because it not following them could ruin our future lives, friendships, and other things. We need to follow these rules so that we can be safe, too.

Rule #1: Be kind

Be kind to other people online, even if you are friends with them.

Rule #2: Keep private info to yourself

Do not share personal information to other people, and do not share things about other people without their permission.

Rule #3: Be careful on who you pick to be in group chats

By following this rule, you avoid sharing personal info to absolute strangers.

Rule #4: Be safe online

Be cautious of strangers, do not share any info about your name, where you live, and your gender in your username, and be careful what you post.

Rule #5: Do not fight back to a cyberbully, even if you think it sounds good.

Fighting back to a cyberbully is only giving them the feeling that they succeeded in getting a reaction out of you. It can also cause more problems.

Rule #6: Give the credit to the writer if you copy something they said.

Plagiarism is often a common mistake, but it can still be very bad. To avoid this, you should give the writer of what you are copying from the credit by putting what you are copying in quotation marks and by putting their name after the quote.

Rule #7: If something is copyrighted, do not copy it.

Copyrighted things should not be copied, especially without giving the maker credit for what they did. If you copy something without the person's permission, you could be sued for copying it.