Reading Doors

Help Korn Create a School-wide Reading Culture

Let's send a message to our school community that reading is important! Reading is something we want our students to do for life, so it is important that they see that we are reading a wide range of texts for a variety of purposes! If all members of our staff participate, it will send a strong message to our students and families. Please join the fun!

Remember, it can be ANYTHING you are reading - a book on how to fix something, how to make a craft, professional book or magazine, or just for fun!

If you need us to take a picture of something you are reading, we are happy to do so!

My Reading Life

Reading Doors

From Donalyn Miller:
Teachers often create classroom bulletin boards and door displays to celebrate the new school year and share with students what their classes are like. Some personalize these displays with family photos or information about themselves, or share what they did over the summer.

You can tap into these "beginning of the school year displays" by creating school-wide reading doors. Ask teachers (all staff) to design their displays around a "My Reading Life" theme. Each faculty and staff member showcases the books, magazines, web pages, newspapers, and comics they enjoy reading.

Copy book jackets and screenshots, and create a collage. Enhance the display with photos of your staff members enjoying their favorites. Reading materials can tie back to content areas or personal interests like cooking, sports, and travel.

What kinds of things are you reading?

Books - magazines - web pages - newspapers - comics - ???