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March 21 - March 25

Welcome Back!

We are now in the last quarter of this year. Students will be taking part in state testing beginning in April. If you are scheduling appointments for 2nd or 3rd grade students this spring, please avoid the following dates if possible:

2nd and 3rd Grade Testing: April 19 - 28 (mornings) *Please note this is a slight change from the dates listed earlier. Both grades will be testing some during these weeks.

Maryville City Schools Foundation Upcoming Event

The Maryville City Schools Foundation's mission is to support the ongoing enrichment of educational programs for all students in Maryville City Schools. Coming soon is the following event:

  • 2022 STARLIGHT GALA will be held on APRIL 2.
    Purchase tickets at THIS LINK.

Starlight Auction Coming Soon!

One popular feature of the upcoming Starlight Gala is the Silent Auction! You do not have to attend the Gala to participate in this auction. Funds raised from the auction of each item will go directly to the school which is donating the package. John Sevier will be offering 11 different packages on which you may bid. Below is a list of JSE's offerings. You will be able to preview the specific contents of each package beginning March 19th. Bidding will begin on March 26th at noon. Keep an eye on the newsletter and Facebook for more details. Thanks again for all of your support!
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Elementary Night at Maryville High School Baseball

The MHS baseball team will be hosting Elementary Night on April 11th. Be watching the newsletter for details about this upcoming event!

Adventure Club News

Adventure Club will be closed April 15th and 18th.

Summer sign up will begin April 4th and end on April 29th. Forms will be available in Adventure Club. Forms must be turned in completed and with $25 activity fee.

Lost and Found

We have more coats in our lost and found than hangers! We also have numerous water bottles. Please encourage your student to check for lost items during their lunch period. Parents are also allowed to come look - just check in at the office when you arrive!

Unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity at the end of the school year.

Illness / Absences

If your student is absent due to COVID or COVID-related issues, please contact the JSE school nurses, Liz Hollenkamp and Christy Robinette, via their school emails (included below). If your student took an at-home COVID test and the results were positive, then please take a photo of the positive test results and share that with our school nurses. Proof of a positive COVID test allows us to mark your student's absences as excused in PowerSchool. You may also provide documentation from your health care provider or local health department.

That said, parents and guardians are NOT required to have their child tested for COVID in order to have an absence marked as excused in PowerSchool. Parents and guardians can simply provide us with a parent note about the absence(s). Each student is allowed ten (10) excused 'parent note' absences each school year.

Liz Hollenkamp (liz.hollenkamp@maryville-schools.org)

Christy Robinette (christy.robinette@maryville-schools.org)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher, the JSE school nurses, or the JSE Main Office.

Thank you!

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