Kitchen Food Safety

Wash your hands

Make sure you wash your hands before you start cooking and after you handle any food to avoid cross contamination.

Wash dishes well

when you are done cooking make sure that you wash the dishes well so that no one gets sick.


If you have any leftover food make sure you put it in a container and refrigerate it


Make sure to store your leftover food in an airtight container like a zip lock bag or container.

Food Temperature

Make sure you cook your food to the right temperature to avoid anyone getting sick.

Handling Meat

You should wash your hands before an after handling meat to avoid cross contamination.

Washing Vegetables

Before using vegetables make sure you wash them to avoid getting yourself or anyone else sick.

Yogurt Temputature

When making yogurt make sure to heat the milk to the right temperature before you refrigerate it.

Being Sick

If you are sick make sure you do not participation the lab to avoid contaminating the food.