Child Labor

by Brian Bandy

What is Child Labor?

Child labor is when an underaged indevigual has a job and is interactive in the economy. Having the job can get in the way of an edgication, they can get under paid, or it can be dangeouse and leads to ingeries or death.

The Cause of Child Labor.

In many countries where laws are loosly enforced and poverty is high children must work to help suport their famillies. Other times it may be that there are no schools or they are bad at teaching. There is also the perspectives of the copanies that they are cheep labor.

Why is it Not Stoped?

There are some laws agensed it in countries like Bangladesh but they are not enforced. 25% of the income made in these countries is from child labor. In an already poor country this will devistate the economy. Ceeping records are not common in these countries so it is easy to lie on resumes.

Other Facts

1/3 of child labors live in Inda 22'000 children die in work realated acsedents world wide 14% of children work.