Teaching in the Savior's Way

Week 3

Reading Assignment

President Shanklin has instructed the stake council to read the new teaching booklet "Teaching in the Savior's Way" prior to our next stake council meeting on the 22nd of June. The purpose of this message is to encourage reading and pondering of this new material that we can effectively counsel together to improve gospel teaching and learning in the units and homes of the Springfield South Stake.

Reading this Week

Part 1 - Love Those You Teach

This week the focus section is the first component of the Savior's pattern of teaching.

The questions to ponder are worthy of examination for all teachers and leaders. Here are a few that might change your perspective of teaching:

As I pray for those I teach, what impressions do I receive?

Do those I teach know that I love them? What evidence have I given them?

How can I show those I teach that I am more interested in their learning than in completing a lesson?

Who among those I teach seems to be struggling or is not attending class? What can I do to reach out to him or her? How could other class members help?

Do I know the names of all those I am assigned to teach? Do I pray for those who are struggling? How can I become more aware of their needs?

Could I help a member of my class grow spiritually by asking him or her to serve in some way?

Pondering these questions individually and as a teacher council will lead us to become more like our Savior in the way we feed his sheep.