Incan Lifestyle

Incan Marriage ( Descriptive writing piece)

When the Incans want to join each other in marriage they have to do three things: get permission from the king him self, Meet the parents, have the wedding at the king's temple. For the Incan's punishment they would either get executed or they would go in the Incan dungeon.

Incan Wars ( Cause and effect)

Most of the Incas were destroyed by the Spanish invaders. When the Spanish invaders came the Incas were already demolished by the European smallpox, and were disrupted by the civil war trying to find out who was going to be their next ruler. The warriors who lost the war forfeited and went to fight with the Spanish to defeat the other brothers. Therefore, when the Spanish took the ruler, the Incas were confused. They were use to the ruler telling them what to do, but now they don't know what to do. They don't have any other ruler to lead them to their battle or to congratulate them for their victories. When the king was gone and the two brothers went to go and join the Spanish plus the two brothers won the horrifying war.
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Incan Homes ( Sequential writing piece)

When the Incas built their homes they used many different tools and different stones like, granite,mud,and clay. The Incas made the homes themselves when they are done. When the Incas needed to go to sleep they made a bed out of grass and sticks and a pillow out of wet grass. The Incas covered their houses with clay to make a smooth surface on the top of their house so they knew where to measure the rest of the stone.

Most of the time the Incas cut out some of the stone to make a hammer or some other tools to build their homes. When the Incas wanted to move the massive stones the Incas got over many people to take the stone to their new house.

Incan Weapons ( Compare and Contrast)

When the King wanted the Incas to go into battle they would make their own weapons like Slingshots, Knifes, and sometimes Wooden Swords. When the slingshots were made the Incas would take a large piece of wood and they would carve the piece of wood that they found to make it look like a giant slingshot. Then they would get the biggest piece of stretchy string and tie it around the slingshot to make it ready for battle.

The military weapons today are way different than the Incas weapons. The military has other really nice machines and devices called submersion and tanks. The tanks can hold all the bombs that need to be thrown or that just need to be held. Another device or machine that the military uses is this one tracking device that they use so when someone gets lost you can instantly find them.

Incan letters ( problem and solution)

Dear Soothsayer,

We have been told by the king that we should be getting married with people that we don't even know, I really don't want to get married right now or not ever in this case. Therefore I want to know what you think I should do. Should I go up to the king and say I'd rather not get married by some stranger or no.

Inca lady Not in Love

Dear Inca lady Not in Love,

My suggestion to you is to go and just get married to the person you don't know. You may get to know him better right after you get married, you might just like him, you might just want him to be your husband after all.



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