Nutrition Fact Label Assignment

By: Alexis McKnight

"Nutrition" Supplements

Are they really good for you? Will the help me loose weight? Is this easier than a regular diet? Can I still eat my normal things? How will this effect my daily routine? Will it effect me different than most medications do?

Ask yourself "If I was a child, would I want to see my parents take medicines to lose weight"

It is something we all go through. We all ask the same questions. Will this diet supplement actually help me lose weight? Can I eat junk food and still lose weight? Everyone wants to lose weight. And I am here to tell you, diet supplements aren't the way to go.

They will only hurt you!

They will only hurt you.

Finale statement

They are bad for you, that's all that is to it. They are only hurting your body, and your going to regret it.