RDE PEAK Newsletter

Mrs. Wagner's P.E.A.K. class newsletter.

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Second Grade PEAK

Second grade P.E.A.K. students have been working on thinking skills by solving tangram puzzles. They created animals with the puzzle shapes and wrote a class book on Book Creator. Next, they will be researching an animal and creating a project.

Third Grade PEAK

Third grade P.E.A.K. students have been researching facts about plants and animals in different Biomes and are creating a project to present to the class.

Fourth Grade PEAK

Fourth Grade P.E.A.K. students researched facts about owls, food chains and adaptations. They are creating an owl brochure and a group science display board project. They also dissected owl pellets and sorted the bones that they found with a classification chart.

Fifth Grade PEAK

Fifth grade P.E.A.K. students are working on two Science Olympiad events. They are designing, building and testing balsa wood bridges in the "Bridge Building" event and designing water bottle rockets.

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