The cell theory

By makaela supplee

Robert Hooke January 1, 1653

Robert Hooke was looking at a thin cutting of cork, he saw an empty space contain by a wall. He calculated all the cells in a cubic inch that comes out to be 1,259,712,000. He recorded all of his observations and drawings in micrographia. He came to the topic of microscopes.

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

Anton van Leeuwenhoek was fascinated by Robert Hookes work he decided to try it. Later on Anton made microscopes that could magnify about 250x. It inspired him with Hookes 50x microscopes. Anton report of globules in the cell was probably one of the first sightings of cell nuclei.

Rudolf Virchow October 13 1821 to September 5 1905

Rudolf was a German doctor. He was an anthropologist and a pathologist. He was known for his very accurate and great achievements. He also had a nickname it was " Father Of Panthology." He had many great achievements.

Cell theory

Famous people in the cell theory

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