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Spreading the Word!!

I've come across this website where I can create and organize flyers easily. I'm giving it a try to expand who I connect with because I have a million resources and ideas but not enough time (I'm sure most of you can relate!). Hopefully you'll find some useful information on here and feel free to request a topic that I can include for future flyers! Check out the site I have used to create this flyer! Could be great for media literacy and it's totally free!!

Numeracy and Literacy Fun!!

Justify?!?!?! What on earth is Justify?!?!?!

We have had two PLCs with grade 3 and Grade 6 this year. During those PLCs we have planned and taught lessons around problem solving using the problem solving graphic organizer that was shared at the last PD day. After test driving the graphic organizers we found students (and teachers) struggled with the "Justify" piece of the organizer. As a result we have created a graphic organizer which encourages students to be more reflective about their calculations. It offers more opportunity to contemplate reasonableness of their answers thereby leading them to a more natural "justifying" statement at the end of the problem. We also found it helpful to connect the idea of justifying to estimation and reasonableness! If you would like to know more about our revised organizer, get in touch and I can give you more details!

Literacy Goodies!

Who doesn't love free stuff?!?!?!?! Seriously!!!!! Let's use up our PD money that's offered to us and buy some great resources to keep this train of awesomeness moving forward here at the Reeg!

Here is the link for the SCETF site that outlines how to apply. The sooner the better!!

If you're looking for some ideas in the area of literacy, I have been making great use of the following two resources:
Word Savvy- Integrated Vocabulary, Spelling, & Word Study by Max Brand
ISBN 1 57110 366 X
cost is about $28ish!

Comprehension and Collaboration- Inquiry Circles In Action by Harvey and Daniels
ISBN 978-0-325-01230-8
cost is about $40

100 Minutes- Making every minute count in the Literacy Block by Lisa Donohue
cost is about $30