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PROMOTION! One week in Rio!

Sunday, June 14th, 8-8am

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Promotion only available in June, one week in the beautiful city Rio Janeiro, only $2,000!!


  • Hotel Class 5.0-star (Hotel Santa Teresa)
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner
  • Rental car
  • Travel guide
  • Total access to the popular disco
For 7 days and 6 nights

Rio de Janeiro Culture & Customs

Cariocas (native Brazilians born in Rio de Janeiro) are known for their easy-going demeanor. Friendly, hospitable, and always up for a celebration, Cariocas relish eating late, dancing late, and dressing up in glittery costumes for Carnival—Rio's most riotous and colorful party.

You'll fit in by wearing shorts, t-shirts, and cover-ups while walking along the beaches. Dress continues to be casual in restaurants and along the main shopping drag in the Zona Sul district

Portuguese is Brazil's official language. While there are some English-speakers near tourist attractions, it's helpful to bring a Portuguese phrasebook.

*Você pode me ajudar (Can you help me?)

* Poderia trazer o menu? (Can you take me the menu?)

*Quanyo custa? (How much?)

The "real" (BRL) is Brazil's official currency. The favorable exchange rate makes this South American city affordable for U.S. travelers. One BRL equals roughly $0.50 USD.

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Rio De Janeiro Yearly Weather Summary

Rio in the Winter

Rio's winter climate runs between June and September, and this is the ideal time to visit if you don't do well with extreme heat. It's still very warm at this time of the year, with average highs of around 24°C and nights at a balmy 18°C, but the humidity is lower and visitors feel more comfortable. There's less rain in these months too, with only around 6 wet days a month.

Rio in Spring and Autumn

Rio's short “shoulder seasons” bring a mixed bag of weather conditions. Both autumn (April and May) and spring (October and November) are warm and wet, and hotels tend to be cheaper during these seasons. There are still some major events to enjoy, such as the Rio Boat Show in April and the film festival in October, but overall the city is quieter than in either winter or summer.

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Things to do in Rio!

Typical food of Rio

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