Quebeckers vs. Canada

Should Quebec secede?

The French Canadians of Quebec have always wanted to be their own country, however, the Canadian government will not allow it. This ethnic conflict in has been happening since 1982. The conflicts started because Quebec didn't agree with Canada's constitution.

Quebec wants to be independent because of the main conflict--having a different language. Most Quebeckers speak French, while all the other Canadians speak English. There are also some religious differences: most of the people living in Quebec are catholic, while the other Canadians are mostly protestant. This leads to differences such as clothing style, behavior, and traditions.

Some ways that the conflict has been manifested is by changing the road signs from English to French, and most people there speak French instead of English as well. Also some people dress and behave different than people from the rest of Canada.

This ethnic conflict took a form of open violence. More than 82% of Canada is affected by this conflict, through both the violent activities and the debate of whether or not Quebec will secede from the country.

It has not affected many people globally, but the region has been affected by making French the official language. On a local scale, families have been affected by having only French parents being able to enroll their kids in French schools.

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Our opinion

We believe that Quebec has the stronger claim because Canada and Quebec have two different cultures. They speak different languages, have different customs, and wear different clothes.


An acceptable solution to this conflict to allow Quebec secede but have the two be allies. This would help both sides because Quebec could be their own country and express their culture without being stopped by the Canadians. This is also a solution for Canada because it gives them another ally. It will create peace, accommodating both of them.

How will this conflict work out?

We believe that this conflict isn't going to end anytime soon because the conflict has been going on for 34 years and they haven't made much progress in coming to a solution. Furthermore, Quebec and Canada are both stubborn and will only except their way as the solution, preventing them to come to a decision that will work out for the both of them. Also, both sides are not willing to compromise.