AAE Summer Family Update

July 23, 2021

Hello Families!

We hope you are each having a relaxing and restful summer! While we miss your students, we have been very busy here at AAE getting the building ready for the 2021-22 school year!

Please take a moment to review the updates below. We will send another newsletter out in August with more information.

Thank you,

Your AAE Family

Save the Date!

We will be having a Welcome Back to School event on the evening of Monday, August 30, 2021 here at AAE. We will be conducting tours of the building for new families and for families that have not yet been able to see our building. More details to follow!

First Day of School

The first day of school for all students is on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. We look forward to seeing all of our students return in person with us on 9/1/21.

Dress Code Replaces Uniforms

Uniforms will no longer be required at AAE. Instead, students will be expected to follow a dress code. Students are encouraged to wear their AAE uniform and spirit-wear items if they so choose. Below, you will find the AAE Dress Code. Please take some time to review the policy with your student so they can be prepared to successfully start the year.

Key points of the Dress Code:

1. Certain body parts must be covered for all students at all times.

  • Clothes must be worn in a way such that genitals, buttocks, breasts, and nipples are fully covered with opaque fabric. All items listed in the “must wear” and “may wear” categories below must meet this basic principle.

2. Students must wear*, while following the basic principle of Section 1 above:

  • A Shirt (with fabric in the front, back, and on the sides under the arms), AND
  • Pants/jeans or the equivalent (for example, a skirt, sweatpants, leggings, a dress or shorts), AND
  • Shoes
  • Mask**

*Courses that include attire as part of the curriculum (for example, professionalism, public speaking, and job readiness) may include assignment-specific dress, but should not focus on covering bodies in a particular way or promoting culturally-specific attire. Activity-specific shoes requirements are permitted (for example, athletic shoes for PE).

**Masks will be removed from our dress code when public health guidelines regarding Covid-19 change.

3. Students may wear, as long as these items do not violate Section 1 above:

  • Hairwrap, durag, or a hair covering that does not cover the face.
  • Religious headwear.
  • Hoodie sweatshirts (though hoods should not be worn covering the head or face)
  • Fitted pants, including opaque leggings, yoga pants, and "skinny jeans".
  • Ripped jeans, as long as underwear and buttocks are not exposed.
  • Tank tops, including spaghetti straps; halter tops.
  • Athletic attire

4. Students cannot wear:

  • Violent language or images.
  • Images or language depicting drugs or alcohol (or any illegal item or activity).
  • Hate speech, profanity, pornography.
  • Images or language that creates hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class or consistently marginalized groups.
  • Pajamas (including blankets and pillows, or any other bedding)
  • Any clothing that reveals visible undergarments (visible waistbands and visible straps are allowed)
  • Swimsuits (except as required in class or athletic practice).
  • Accessories that could be considered dangerous or could be used as weapons.
  • Any item that obscures the face or ears, including brims of hats and hoods that are up (except as a religious observance).

Please note: The dress code is subject to minor changes prior to the start of the school year.

District Calendar 2021-2022

Free Meals Extended for the 2021-2022 School Year

Windsor Food Service Students (All AAE Middle and High School Students) meal fees have been waived for the 2021-22 school year. This means that there is no fee for students to order breakfast and lunch.

It is important that if your family qualifies for free and reduced meals that you still complete the paperwork and submit it to the school so your child can receive the other benefits (such as reduced AP test price) associated with the program. Please see forms attached.

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AAE Website Link

Be sure to bookmark our AAE Website. It is updated frequently with important information for students and families.