11th Grade Digital Citizenship

Breaking Down Hate Speech

Lesson #1: Rights, Remixes, and Respect

Essential Question:

What should you consider when you use other people's creative work?

Everything is a Remix, Part I

Everything is a Remix Part 1





Fair Use



Discussion Questions:

What is the difference between inspiration and appropriation?

What do you need to do before you use someone else's creative work? What do you need to consider to determine whether something is fair use?

What might artists gain from having their work appropriated by someone else? What might they lose?

Lesson #2: College Bound

Essential Question:

how can information you post on the internet affect your future opportunities?

Abbas' Story: Pride in Your Digital Footprint

Abbas' Story: Pride in Your Digital Footprint


Digital Footprint

Discussion Questions:

Do you think teens share too much information about themselves?

User agreements. Do you feel that students are aware that the content they post is permanent and available for the companies?

What type of online information would present the positive image of you?

Lesson #3: Breaking Down Hate Speech

Essential Question:

How can you create a community culture in which hate speech is unacceptable, both online and offline?

Read the Excerpt and Watch the Videos

It’s not just cyberbullets that are exchanged during firefights on the XBox Live version of “Call of Duty.” Many gamers also exchange hate speech over their headsets as they stalk each other across the virtual battlefields. Players trade racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic insults so frequently that game makers are taking steps to tone down the rhetoric. The comments would shock parents who may not realize their children are constantly exposed to language that might make a sailor blush. Most parental concerns have focused onviolence, not language. One gamer told an opponent he presumed to be Jewish that he wished Hitler had succeeded in his mission. Many exchanges involve talk of rape or exult over the atomic bombing of Japan. There are frequent slurs on homosexuals, Asians, Hispanics and women. Such comments can be heard on all online video gaming systems, including PlayStation Network, Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft) and others.
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Discussion Questions:

What are some examples of hate speech as described in the excerpt?

Do there is a different standard from hate speech while gaming as opposed to social media posts? Why or Why not?

Should we have online guidelines for preventing and dealing with hate speech and proper conduct? Why or why not?

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