Camp Sunny

Join our Camp Sunny,this summer June 25-July 15

Wlecome To Camp Sunny Friends And Family

Camp Sunny is for kids that have Quadriplegia ,were they can meet kids like them that have the same problem also in this camp they will be able to do the same things kids can camp outside have camp fire and sing around the fire.well think about bring your kid here to experiene all these things and more .Camp Sunny is open for kid to age 8-14 ,rules of acceptance are the same for everyone.

Daily Schedule

-Wake up at 8;00am.

-Make Kids Get Dress For Brestfest And To Take A Moring Hike

-Take Some Trips Around The Camp And Etc.

-Have Some Fun Activites Around The Camp And Etc.

-Take A Afternoon Snack

-Swmming or Go To A WaterPark

-Come Back And Get Ready For A CampFire ANd Dinner

-Get Ready For Bed At 9:00pm (Have To Be In Bed Before 10:00pm)

-Have There Speical Medical Stuff Before Bed.

Have any Questons ?

Guaranted to be the best Camp this Summer


Campfires,Camp out,singing class ,Swmming class,Movies night out ,Experiment with simple stuff,Scapbook of he/she children memories ,Play with the kids that are there,Play dress up,Ride horse,Bring out there parents to see he/she activites they have done over the camp.Takeing trips,Boating and Sailing.

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Have Any Further Questons,Contact Us At Any Of Our Websites Or Number Here Below.Thank You For Your Time.