What's New?

Carter High School Library


Happy National Poetry Month! The lovely leaves of grass in our background are a nod to poet Walt Whitman, and a reminder that new growth is everywhere. Indeed, students get to display their academic growth this month as the school begins the state-wide CAASSP test. Even though our librarians will be helping to proctor the tests, we are still open and eager to help patrons in the library, too. On April 9th, our book club will be traveling to USC for the LA Times Festival of Books, and the county library is offering teen craft nights every Monday from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Plus, new books arrive throughout the month, so check back here often and click to see the latest titles!

Important Dates to Remember!

April 15th

Seniors MUST notify the textbook center of any lost books by April 15th so that we may advise them on on how to get cleared for graduation. Waiting until Senior Check Out Day can be tragic.

April 22nd

The library and textbook room will be closed all day for library staff development.

April 29th

The last day for core literature checkouts from the textbook center is April 29th. Also, teachers and students may start returning items that are no longer needed. However, be advised that we won't re-issue the item if you change your mind. No more check outs, please!

Monday, May 2nd

The library will open Monday morning before school and then CLOSED for the rest of the school year. Only the textbook center will be open for book returns. Students can return library materials after 3PM to the county library or to the county book drop.


Final Reminders

Did you know we have textbooks in the library? You can't take them home, but you can use them to work on homework at the library tables. Be sure to bring your student ID to check them out.

Have you tried out the district's new subscription database yet? The URL has changed! Go to http://portal.bigchalk.com/portalweb/ to give it a spin. The username is 28-26821 and the password is bigchalk. There's an easy link to it on our library's Schoolloop page, too. If you would like training for your students, contact Mrs. Bryson at extension 28147.

Be sure to sign up for library time as early as possible! Our space and staff may be usurped for various testing needs as we move toward the end of the year. Benchmarks, CAASSP, PSAT, AP and even ASVAB can impact our schedule. Email Miss Vaclavik or call her at ext. 28152 to get on the calendar, and be sure to let Mrs. Bryson know about any projects so that we can prepare research materials, guides and tips for your students.

Remember, your students are welcome (one per pass) throughout the day, except during 4th period. (We need to eat, too!) The library is closed 4th period to students on passes.

We look forward to seeing you and your students at the library!