The Bully

By:Paul Langan

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This book is about a boy that lived in Philadelphia that has to move to a whole new life with a new school and new friend. There are some bumps in the road like,Tyray the person who throw him in a trash can and pulled out a knife but he has friends to help him.
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Even the weakness men have the strength of a thousand men. "You the man."

Paul Langan

Paul Langan

Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia in 1972. He went to Camden College. He grew up with out a father and he wrote the bully in his basement with spider on his key board ewww
"Pickles and the Bully" - A Musical Children's Short Story Cartoon Video for Young Kids (HD)

Pickles and the Bully

This is about Pickles who looks different then everyone else. Know he or she is being bullied and she finds this stick and plays with it and the bullying stops and the way it get me thinking of the bully is that she is being bullied and the stick is like her friends.