Cannon STEM Book of the Month

April 2016

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From the Publisher

In this new cooking poem, Jorge Argueta brings us a fun and easy recipe for a yummy salsa. A young boy and his sister gather the ingredients and grind them up in a molcajete, just like their ancestors used to do, singing and dancing all the while. The children imagine that their ingredients are different parts of an orchestra — the tomatoes are bongos and kettledrums, the onion, a maraca, the cloves of garlic, trumpets and the cilantro, the conductor. They chop and then grind these ingredients in the molcajete, along with red chili peppers for the “hotness” that is so delicious, finally adding a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of salt. When they are finished, their mother warms tortillas and their father lays out plates, as the whole family, including the cat and dog, dance salsa in mouth-watering anticipation.
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Cannon Salsa Taste Off!

This month our design challenge has us turning up the heat! Gather your family around and use the Engineering Process to design a great salsa recipe to share at the Cannon Country Cookout--Salsa Taste Off on Friday, April 22nd!

Imagine: Create the best salsa for the Cannon Salsa Taste Off!

Plan: Research what makes a great salsa recipe and plan out your ingredients. Be creative! Think about the types of ingredients you could use that we've planted in our school garden!

Design: Using your iPad, record a 2-3 minute video explaining the steps used to make your recipe. (See the video example below)

Improve: Taste time! What does your salsa need more of?

Share: Bring your salsa and some chips to the Cannon Country Cook Off to enter it in the Salsa Taste Off!

Check out this video example of how to prepare salsa. Remember keep your video between 2-3 minutes in length and e-mail them to Mrs. Berumen! YOU just might see yourself on KCAN! :)

Spicy Mexican Salsa Recipe by Archana's Kitchen

About The Author

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Meet Jorge Argueta

Jorge Tetl Argueta is a celebrated Salvadoran poet and writer whose bi-lingual children’s books have received numerous awards. His poetry has appeared in anthologies and textbooks. He won the America’s Book Award, among other awards for his collection of poems for children, A Movie in My Pillow. He was the Gold Medal Award winner in the 2005 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) for Moony Luna/Luna, Lunita Lunera. His other works for children include Xochiti and the Flowers, 2003 America’s Award Commended Title, Trees are Hanging from the Sky, Zipitio, Talking with Mother Earth, The Little Hen in the City and The Fiesta of the Tortillas.