High Priests Group Newsletter

Lafayette 3rd Ward | Lafayette, Indiana Stake | May 22, 2016

Prospective Elders Visit Blitz

On Sunday, June 5th, during third hour we will be going on an organized blitz to visit prospective elders ages 50+ in our ward boundaries. More information and instruction to come.

I Need Your Help! (Kevin - this is where the link is that you need to click)

Three weeks ago I asked for your help in gathering information about households over which High Priests have stewardship. So far, I've gotten only three responses (thanks Brothers Don Ream, Lance Madsen, and Scott Stephens). All I'm asking for is about 5 minutes of your time to please click the following link and provide as much information as possible about those who we are responsible for, but who are not currently assigned to be home taught.

Survey Link: http://goo.gl/forms/G2nBY5Xx0n

Today's Lesson

Today's lesson was on Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson's April General Conference talk, "Do I Believe?".

Next Week...

Next week's meeting will be a special combined meeting for fifth Sunday. The stake will be introducing a new church initiative "Just Serve."


Important Dates

  • 5/29 - Combined 3rd Hour Meeting
  • 5/29 - Seminary Graduation and Recognition, 6:30pm at Stake Center

Return and Report

Some of you have been asking about the link for reporting your home teaching. The link will NOT be provided in this weekly email newsletter. Rather, you should get a link from returnandreport.com. If you don't get a link and/or would like to proactively report your home teaching instead of waiting for the link, please go to Return and Report where you can set up an account and log in at any time.