Happines but a Sadness to a Lost

By: Paul Lacarta

Life Gives a Punch in The Face

As I get home my sister says, “Get ready for tomorrow.” I didn’t realize how serious it was until Nov. 6 2010. My sister and aunt start Skyping. The camera faced at my grandfather who is now lying in the death bed. I watch him suffer as his breath gets shorter and shorter; his heart rate gets slower and slower. Everyone is now crying as we watch my grandpa suffer, my grandfather is now taking his one last breath and flat lines on the heart monitor. We’re all screaming, “No, comeback!!!”

Can't Get Back What I lost

All the time I wasted and took for granted is now gone with grandfather and wish to be taken back.

Life Taught Me A Lesson

This experience gave me a new way to handle life. I don't take chances for granted or life for granted. Life can't always be your way, make sure you make what you can out of life. No life is easy if you take life the easy way life will fail you.