Zach Mccurdy


I read symptoms like itchy scalp, oily white flake falling from hair, worsens in the winter/summer and then I instantly thought dandruff. I looked up the symptoms on mayoclinic.org and the symptoms the website described was the same as my patients.

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff effects a little more then 50% of the United State's population at least once in their life time. Causes of dandruff can be simple dry skin, irritated oily skin from not bathing enough, people can react negatively to certain hair care products such as hair dyes and shampoos and it will dry and irritate their scalp leading to dandruff, eczema a disease that rapidly drys and irritates skin, and also a cause that's very common in adults is a yeast like fungus that is in their hair that either doesn't effect the scalp or drys and irritates the scalp causing dandruff.

Cellular process

The epidermis (Outermost layer of tissue) is effected by dandruff. The basal layer of tissue reproduces skin cells at a faster rate then usual on top of the head (scalp) and the extra skin cells die and dry up. The dead skin cells are the white flakes that people notice falling off their head when they itch.


Symptoms of dandruff are oily white flakes falling off head, itchy/irritated scalp, worsens in winter and fall, and irritated skin after using a new shampoo. Dandruff is very common in teenagers.


Treatments for dandruff include Anti-fungal shampoo, Coal-tar shampoo, bath often, and tea tree oil.





Extra information & facts

57% of every American has had dandruff once in their life

Dandruff can come from funguses that live in your hair so always shower!

Some shampoos can make the dandruff worse depending on how your body reacts to it

Dandruff is not contagious