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12th Grade Due Date Corrected - Now says June 8th

Dear Students and Families,

Some of you have noticed that I am out of the office Thursday and Friday. I am on vacation. Hence why I am late in communicating our weekly update. My 10th-grade son and I are in Indianapolis for the weekend as we start the search for colleges. It is fun, exciting, and a little nerve-wracking.

This week's newsletter focus is on:

  1. Graduation June 13th
  2. Prom June 11th
  3. End of Trimester Deadlines
  4. Student Expectations - Staying strong and committed to our number one priority
  5. Traffic Flow at the mall


The date for students to receive their diplomas is June, 13th. Event details will be forthcoming.

Reminder - PROM - JUNE 11

Prom will be held at Majestic Oaks on Friday, June 11th for Juniors and Seniors. More information will be forthcoming.

End of Trimester Deadlines for Grades 9-12

All coursework is to be completed by the following dates. Please communicate with your teachers as soon as possible if you are concerned you will not meet the deadlines below.

12th Grade

Tuesday, June 8th

9th-11th Grade

Thursday, June 10th

Grades 6-12 Student Expectations for Trimester 3!

  • Contact tech support at 651-674-1097 or email helpdesk@isd138.org for technology support
  • Use appropriate study skills i.e. note-taking, ask questions to teachers, collaborate with fellow students
  • Create your student-friendly workspace at home
  • Contact teachers between 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Teachers are available via Google Meets and by phone to review materials Monday through Friday. If you make an appointment, please make sure you follow through and attend the meeting
  • Elective Teachers are available between 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM.
  • Middle School students- please use your school Gmail account when emailing teachers. Practice using this communication tool
  • Use appropriate academic language when communicating with staff
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Please make sure you know how to perform these tasks; downloading assignments, accessing teacher feedback and comments, and avoid distractions
  • Utilizing Google Docs for essay responses and copy and paste from Google Doc into Edmentum
  • Important: A student will generally spend between 30-40 hours in a course per trimester. So, students typically spend between 4-6 hours per day in their studies. The is a generalization that gives you something to aim for.

Traffic Flow change

Traffic entering the mall will be re-routed to the main entrance. The entrance closest to the old Gap store will be coned off at 9:00 AM until 2:30 PM.

The safety of our students and staff is the priority for our school. Thank you!

Long Term Sub for English Language Arts Grades 6-12

Ms. Strain has a long-term sub for the next 7 weeks. Ms. Conlow will be filling in for Ms. Strain during her absence. Welcome aboard Ms. Conlow!

Ms. Conlow's office hours are now listed on our website!

Onsite Tutoring and Help! Sign UP!

Please sign up for your onsite tutoring and help sessions. We have increased the amount of onsite support for Math 9-12. Please make sure you are signing up and coming in!



Have a wonderful weekend!

David S Treichel