5 ways to be successful in 6 grade.

By Ruben Howell



One way to get your quizlets done is to do one a night. Another way is to do two a night to get them done faster. Another way is to to the one that takes the longest or hardest first. Then it will be easeir. Another way is to just do all of them when they come out on angel. This is the best way. You can aslo do three on Monday and two on Tuesday.


You have to show predictions on the AOW. You also have to mark the text. You need to show notes from the text. Always write at least two sentences for the first to parts of questions. Use the Yes Ma'am strategy.


For worldywise always complete all of it. Do at least two sentences. Use circles to show right answer. Read the selection. Select the best answer. Don't second guess yourself.

Reading Log

Always do complete sentences. Use correct capitalization. Show at least 6 sentences. Answer the whole question not just part of it. Do your best job.


When reading novels remeber what you read. You should write notes. You should also partner read because it is easier. You should think about what you are reading. You should summarize what you read.



You have to show work on your homework. You also have to try and get the right answer. Make sure to take advantage of the easy questions. You should show some kind of work even if there is no work to show. You have to turn in your homework on time.


With centers you have to do two a day. Dont get behind. If you only do one a day you will have to find time at home to finish it. It would be much easier to just get it doen at school.

Make sure to turn in your center work.

Ten Marks/ Ixl/ Buzzmath

Try and get the most right in ten marks and buzz math. With buzz it effects your grade if you don't get it right. With ten marks also. Try and show work on ixl. Show the right answer if you get it wrong. remeber to turn in your work for ten marks and ixl.


Research your topic. You should also write about somehting that interests you. Don't write about something you don't like. Always write a lot. rite about yoru topic.


You have to keep up with work. You also have to keep up with othe activities. You have to charge your computer. You also have to bring it to school. You can;t forget your computer.


You have to have good behavior. You don't want to get in trouble. If you get in a lot of trouble you have to go in ISS. Don't get in a lot of trouble because ISS is not fun. If you get in even more trouble you get OSS.