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October 2017 Newsletter

October is College Application Month

Before we get into a review of the great things that happened at SHS last month, we want to point out that SHS is celebrating October as College Application Month. We use this month as a way to involve our students in activities related to promoting a college-going culture. We use the term college-going culture to mean ANY training beyond high school. We will also be giving the seniors opportunities to apply for college, financial aid, and scholarships.

College Night

Monday, Oct. 23rd 2017 at 6-7:30pm

191 East Pinetree Lane

Sandusky, MI

The capstone event of College Application Month is College Night. This is held in the SHS gym on Monday, October 23 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. College, universities, and branches of the military will be on site to meet with students and their families.

Kick-Off Assembly

For the 2nd year in a row, Sandusky Jr./Sr. High School students started the year with a pep assembly to celebrate the new school year. The Band played, the cheerleaders led cheers, and the staff was introduced to the student body before the students were sent to 1st hour. We've found this to be a way to add some excitement and energy to the start of the school year and we look forward to continuing this tradition as years go on!

SHS Students Honored at the Silver Lining Awards

We are proud of our SHS Students. The student body received the Silver Lining Crystal Award for outstanding youth group in the community for bringing the Moving Wall to this community. Kristyn F. received the Crystal Award for outstanding youth individual for her work with the Moving Wall, blood drives, and Food 4 Friends. Josh G. was recognized as an outstanding youth individual for building the Fireman's Memorial in Sandusky and various other projects. Congratulations to all of the individuals and groups honored at the Sanilac County Community Foundation Silver Lining Awards!

New High School STEM Class

One of the more popular classes in Jr. High is the 7th/8th Grade STEM class that some students take as a 9 week course. This year we created a year-long high school elective course based on the same STEM concept. The students engage in hands-on activities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The picture below shows Cody H. and Seth D. preparing to launch one of the initial designs of a 2 liter bottle water rocket. The goal was to make a rocket that will have the longest "hang time", or time aloft.
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Jr. High Science Students Work to Save "Fred"

SHS teachers worked hard to create engaging activities for their students from Day 1 of the school year. A great example of this came from Mrs. Kippen's 7th and 8th Grade Science classes. As an introduction to scientific thinking and group work, 7th and 8th grade science students had to figure out a way to save "Fred" the gummy worm. Fred was trapped on top of his sinking boat and students had to figure out how to get his life preserver out from under the boat and around him using only 4 paper clips. They were not allowed to touch Fred, the life preserver, or the boat with their hands. The pictures below show the students doing their best on behalf of Fred!

Military Appreciation Game

Friday, September 15 was our 4th annual Varsity Football Military Appreciation Game. We had great weather to honor our local heroes and the night was filled was sincere gratitude. One of the highlights of the night included a special ceremony at halftime when the Veterans of Sanilac County presented Mr. Lasecki and the Sandusky students with a trophy symbolizing their "grateful appreciation...for their patriotic support of the Flags of Remembrance, the Moving Wall, and To Local Veterans." Proud to be a REDSKIN.

SHS Students and Staff Participate in the #StopTheBull Action Day

SHS students and staff once again participated in the #StopTheBull action day. #StopTheBull is an initiative created by Sanilac County Community Mental to educate students and the community about the dangers of cyber bullying. Many SHS students wore special shirts all day long as a visual testament of their commitment to bring an end to bullying. Mrs. Carlson made cupcakes with positive messages on them as a way to thank these students for standing up! More information about #StopTheBull can be found at

Two Powerful Assemblies

SHS students had two powerful assemblies come to the school in September. On September 15, former NFL player Randy Grimes visited our school and told students about his journey through addiction and into recovery. Mr. Grimes shared stories from his NFL career, took questions from the audience, and even posed for a picture with all of our 7th-12th grade football players! This assembly was brought to SHS by the Families Against Narcotics group (FAN) and was generously sponsored by the Goodtimers group.

On September 26, Sanilac County Community Mental Health brought the Hey U.G.L.Y presentation to SHS, featuring former American Idol contestant Devyn Rush. "U.G.L.Y." stands for "Unique Gifted Lovable You" and Ms Rush spoke a message of empowerment and self-worth, encouraging students to remember the mantra "I am enough" whenever feeling doubt creep in about their place in life. More information about Hey U.G.L.Y. can be found at

SHS Staff Members Donate "Dress Down" Money to the Redskin Rewards Program

Sandusky Jr./Sr. High School staff gave a $500 donation to the Redskin Rewards Program (RRP)! This money came from a collection the teachers have, using the $1-$2 each week each staff member pays for the privilege of "dressing down" on the last day of the work week. The money was used to purchase prizes for the prize closet that is a part of the RRP.
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Homecoming 2017

Homecoming was early this year! SHS celebrated Homecoming the week of September 18-22, with dances for the students held on Saturday, September 23. Check out some of the fun in the pictures below!

Fall Sports Schedule

We'll put the current sport schedule on this newsletter each month. Please note that times/dates can occasionally change.

Check out the October Breakfast and Lunch Menus!

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