Hernando Cortez was born in 1485 in Medillin Spain nobody knows what day or month. He died December 2nd 1547. He died of pleurisy. He was a military leader and an explorer.
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In 1528 Hernando Cortez was ordered to lead an expedition. Then a few moths later the expedition was cancelled but Hernando Cortez was already ready to leave so he ignored the command that called of the expedition and went on leading it. On that expedition there were 11 ships and over 500 men. That is what he set for mexico with. To Hernando Cortez this expedition to mexico was a big deal because he was the one leading it. The expedition finally reached the coast in Feburary 1519 and Hernando Cortez made friends with some people along the way. Others he used as a deadly force to conquer mexico. He had his mind set completely taking over the aztec empire. He then left the city after he found out the spanish army was coming to arrest him for not following commands. After facing off against spanish forces he returned home. The aztecs eventually drove the spanish put and away form the city. But Hernando Cortez was unaware of that so he returned to the city and once again tried to defeat them and take over the city. This happened in 1521. he ended up conquering the aztecs.
Hernando Cortez

later on...

he later traveled to Honduros to stop a rebellion against him. He also found out that all of his power in mexico had been taken away. So he went back to Spain and tried to pleaded his case and regain his powers again. that is pretty much it about Hernando Cortez.