Cleaning your pipes since they were invented.

Description of Career

A plumber fixes and cleans pipes. Also a plumber installs toilets. If you have a leaky pipe a plumber can fix it.

Dangers/Advantages of being a plumber.

If a plumber is working outside during a thunderstorm or something pertaining to a thunderstorm, they could potentially get electricuted. Also they could could get fatally infected because plumbers work with lead and asbestos all the time. You can take pride in the fact that you have helped to build something spectacular such as homes for families and even hospitals that will help many people.

Education needed for becoming a plumber

Common Requirements

Degree Level: While not required, certificate programs can provide specialized training*

Licensure: Most states require licensure*

Experience: 4- to 5-year apprenticeship*

Key Skills: Mechanical*, math**, customer service*, decision-making**

Technical Skills: Ability to use pressure gauges, augers, pullers and wrenches**

Additional Requirements: Physical strength*

Lingual Skills: Spanish*


Lincoln Tech
University of Phoenix

Base salary

$20-25 an hour when you first start, but once you work for a plumbing company for a good amount of time you could make $35 an hour.
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