The Beginners Series

With Elizabeth Daigle

Empower Yourself!

Are you either new to yoga or, like many of us, often ask yourself “am I doing this right”? Have you wanted to try a class but feel intimidated? Would you like to empower yourself so you can safely practice yoga until your 80s (or beyond!)? We created this 3-part beginners series just for you!

The Beginners Series

Saturday, Jan. 23rd, 1pm

SoulSpace Yoga Community

Three Consecutive Saturdays:

January 23
January 30
February 6

1pm - 3 pm

$100 for the entire series.

$90 pre-reg through January 16th.

*No drop-ins please. The program is designed for each class to build upon the last.

We hope to see you!


In a comforting, non-intimidating environment, we will explore together:

• Proper alignment for foundational poses taught in mostly all yoga classes, such as: warrior I & II, reverse warrior, side angle, triangle, crescent lunge, bridge, shoulder stand, twists, etc.
• What a “vinyasa” is and why we do them
• Sun Salutation A & B, broken down pose-by-pose so the practitioner can learn to “flow” in a safe way, including learning appropriate modifications
• How to identify and engage the intended muscles for each yoga pose, which will help maximize the poses’ benefits and prevent injury
• Alignment that best honors your body’s specific composition and needs
• Ujjayi breathing – a diaphragmatic breath used in asana practice
• How to feel connected to your body so you can move in a way that is deeply nurturing for you

This program is designed for someone with no yoga experience and for yogis looking to deepen their understanding of the practice.

Our goal is for you to leave the workshop with the information and confidence to practice yoga in a way that is safe and sustainable for the duration of your life!