The Industrial Revolution

Ariana Morales

The Industrial Revolution

During the industrial revolution life was very harsh.Some people like 9 out of 10 people lived in raw areas.Ordinary people used their hands to make things they needed. People did not have electricity,no machines,nor clocks. A lot of there machines where foot powered like the Spinning Wheel. Many people added to their income by working in a cottage industry. Almost all of the people in the workhouses were poor, and after the workhouse the poor people would go to there little shelter that they had. Then the machines took over and a lot of people lost there jobs because of the machines. A lot of people did not have any money after the machines took over there jobs. Just like the Spinning Jenny Machine speeds up turning wool to thread. One person could do the work instead of like 3,000 people doing all the work. The power loom ended the cottage industry. The Factories were a turning point because people had to leave home to earn a leaving. The city populations grew rapidly. The industrial was a harsh time but it changed when the time came.

Some Inventors

Child Labor

Child Labor Laws were very harsh back then. Children had to work at certain ages like five had to work in a workhouse and had to be split from their family's. Children were devastated to leave from their families. Children had to work just like the adults, but a little bit less harsh for the little kids.Children had to work but they would only get like one or two cents for working like for ten hours. A lot of Children did not have shoes. Some children had very little clothes and had to were the same clothes over and over again. Some kids did not shower until for about once a or twice a month. After a few months or years the law had changed and the Child Labor Law was changed. It was to the age sixteen or eighteen would start to work and not in a workhouse but whatever they wanted to do, as long as they would do work and get paid for working. Teens now get paid like nine dollars an hour or even ten dollars an hour. The past was a lot more harsh than it is now in the present.